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Who are the companies?

According to the Growing Your Own Business report, commissioned by the Chartered Management Institute, Chartered Association of Business Schools and business network The Supper Club, 44% of companies founded in 2011 had failed by 2014. Incompetence or poor business management was to blame in 56% of cases.

Companies that are doing well need help to grow, run more efficiently or need a sounding board.

The vast majority of these small and medium sized businesses do not make enough money to hire senior, full time experts.

Who are these experienced businessmen (greyhairs) with time on their hands?

They’ve held good jobs, in good companies.

They are now not working for whatever reason: retired, sold their business, been made redundant.

Financially, they do not need to work.

Why would these ‘greyhairs’ want to go back to work?

They are keen to keep their minds and bodies active, give their days/weeks focus, keep themselves ‘entertained’ and get themselves out the house.

How will the businesses pay?

The ‘greyhairs’ might do it for free or reduced fees or shares.

This will be worked out between the parties.

Most importantly, it has to be rewarding and enjoyable for both sides.

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